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Meet Roy 

Roy L. Johnson, Jr, is a product of his aspirations, his environment, and a lifetime of defying the odds. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Johnson’s early ambitions would place him on the path to being the first college graduate in his family. Earning a degree in biology from Texas A&M University - College Station in 2004, only to double back for an MBA specializing in Healthcare Management and a master’s degree with a concentration in Project Management. As an African American male, Roy was always taught that education was the gateway to a lifestyle that would change things around him. Johnson always being a dreamer, kept this in mind and when the time came for him to execute, he never hesitated to go above and beyond. Often facing many bumps along the way, Roy refused to ever allow himself to quit. Remembering that the higher he climbed, the lower he could drop the rope to help others achieve these same heights.

The Official Launch of The Business Launcher...3...2...1...LAUNCH!!
Sunday, January 3, 2021