I have developed this comprehensive program to help and serve anyone desiring to launch a home-based business, small business, or even expand your existing business with clarity and confidence.

        Welcome to

 The L.A.U.N.C.H. Pad

8 Week Private Mentorship Program

Week 1 of Launch Pad Program:
Self – Discovery:  We want to deal with your mindset. Who are you? What’s your purpose? What’s your passion? Fears? Disbeliefs? Doubt?

Identity your top 5 strengths and discuss how you can capitalize off of your strengths, so that you can create a positive difference and feel aligned with your life's purpose and passion in the process.

Week 2 of  Launch Pad Program:
Cultivation: Staying Empowered, Inspired and Motivated to Keep Pushing

Discover and connect with your ultimate "WHY"  (externally and internally) so you can use it as your driving force to drive your business, keep you empowered, inspired and motivated.

Week 3 of Launch Pad Program:
Creation/Clarity: Making Your Idea Solid and Concrete

Find a sense of clarity about your business, know the direction you are going in and what you need to do to get there with poise and self-confidence, so that you can become laser-focused on income producing drastic results. Identify what problem(s) are you solving by bringing your service/product to the community. Create a business plan so you can have a viable roadmap to the development of your business.

Week 4 of Launch Pad Program:
Connection: Identify Your Niche and Tribe

Establish your target market and identify your tribe, so that you can magnetically attract your ideal clients with a crystal-clear brand.

Week 5 of Launch Pad Program:
Communication: Communicating Your Message Through Epic Marketing

Learn how to effectively communicate your message to your ideal clients while expressing a solution to their problems or pain-points through epic marketing, so that you can start turning your contacts into contracts. Brand imaging and effective utilization of social media. Website development. 

Week 6 of Launch Pad Program:

Capitalization: Making Money with Your Mission

Get access and gain the connections you need, so that you can obtain business capital and business credit without having to utilize your own personal capital or credit to launch your business.

Week 7 of Launch Pad Program:
Commitment and Goal Setting: Throw Your "WHOLE" Self In

Create a 30-60-90 day marketing and actionable plan while developing S.M.A.R.T. Goals, so that you can stay focused while accomplishing and celebrating pivotal milestones.

Week 8 of Launch Pad Program:
Comprehensive Wrap-Up Session: The End-Results of Your Dedication to Your Dreams

This session ties up all loose ends from the previous sessions, wraps it all together and places a bow on it. Also, provide avenue to obtain supporting resources (Personal and Business Legal Protection).

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