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Member Terms

When you join the Smart Set Academy, an Ysmay, Inc. product, you are agreeing to the following.

  1. You will not copy or reproduce in anyway the content made available to you.
  2. You will act with integrity at all times.
  3. You will not share your website login information with anybody.
  4. You will be kind to other members, and non-judgemental.
  5. No income guarantees are made. We in no way promise results as we cannot account for other variables such as your work ethic, motivation, or time investment.
  6. All information provide by Ysmay, Inc. and our community is confidential, and is not to leave the confines of the website and/or Facebook group.
  7. Ysmay, Inc. is not liable for any misuse of the content, or any damages that may arise from your use of our service.